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Away in the Minster: the carol service went underway

York St John University held its annual Christmas Carol Service in York Minster.

The theme of the service was “in the beginning” and began with a very atmospheric performance from The University Chamber Choir.

The start of the performance began in darkness with only a single candle lit at the beginning of the hymn. The service was full of people who came out to sing hymns and get into the festive spirit.

There were readings from the reverend Anne Rowley and Olivia Bowers the president of well being and diversity at York St John University Student Union.

The service also included a performance by The Communitas Choir.

Following her performance, Faye, the lead soloist of The University Chamber Choir said: ” I was happy with the large turn out of audience members but it does get scary performing to lots of people.” Faye then went on to say “the choir decides to sing world carols rather traditional ones. It is interesting for the congregation to not hear the same things when they attend a carol service.”

The service also included a performance by the York St John Drama and Dance students that created a very eerie yet festive atmosphere in the busy Minster. This captured the attention of the audience as many of the students began at different ends of the Minster.

Laura, a drama student from York St John said: “We began preparing for the performance in September and how important it was to practice the vocals.”

Amy Taylor and Leah Mortley are both Second year students at York St John who attended the event.

Amy said that:  “I love going to a carol service with my family around Christmas time so it was nice to be able to come to one whilst being at university.”

She then went on to say that “the service was really unique but I enjoyed how festive it was.”

Leah also agreed and said that “the service was a great way to start the Christmas season.”