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A unique York start-up proving very popular after first year

Moving to York from America Brenna Allsuch started her online embroidery business.

Since January, she has garnered a social media following of over 70 thousand on Instagram and has grown her store way beyond what she could have expected.

“I started an Instagram account, which was what really boosted Thready Pulses business.”

Brenna follows a growing trend in the UK of new embroidery artists. One of which is Sew and Saunders, another success story who have recently collaborated with Liberty’s London.

Rise in small businesses

The number of small businesses in the UK has seen a marked increase in recent years , with a total of 5.6 million small businesses at the start of the year.

At the start of 2018 99.3% of private sector businesses where small businesses and 99.9% were small or medium-sized

Megan Dunsby from told Forbes :

“Tech developments mean that launching a business is much easier than it was a few years ago – all you need is a good idea and a solution that people are looking for,”

Brenna was pleased with the staggering increase in sales since opening Thready Pulse

“It’s come really far, I went from one or two sales a month and now I’m on 90 sales this year”


Embroided Bee
Such is her success that Brenna is now finding that she is having to turn down work, taking her three to four days to hand craft each embroided piece. Although she was initially unsure as to how her new business was going to be received by the public.

“I usually stitch when my son is napping, and then in the evenings I will do admin work and go to the post office to ship orders.”

Naturally, this time of year is busy for online businesses like Brenna’s and she admits that she has been inundated with orders and intends to start planning a few months earlier next year in order to keep on track.

On the back of her first year success, Brenna looks forward to the future as she revealed that she is set to release some exciting collaborations in the new year.