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The Yorkie breaking news: Friday 30 November 2018

13:47 – Fall in number of rough sleepers in York

According to York City Council, the number of rough sleepers in the city has fallen by two thirds.

A total of nine people were counted for – a steep decline in numbers following the previous year’s count of 29.

This means the amount of people sleeping rough on the streets has gone down by two thirds.

The drop is reportedly a result of efforts made by the council and local charities to reduce rough sleeping.

13:27 – Local taxi drivers praise council over Uber concerns

York City Council has been well received by local taxi drivers following their actions to deal with the conduct of some Uber drivers.

Last December saw the council decline the renewal of Uber’s licensing to operate in the city.

Councillors are now also seeking legal advice for further actions to be taken.

Local firms are hoping to see the dispute settled soon and continue to work closely with the council.

More on this story will be available on Yorkie Radio.



12:38 – York pubs still thriving despite high closure figures around the UK

According to the Office of National Statistics, more than 11,000 pubs around the UK have closed since 2008, falling from 55,000 open pubs to 39,000 in 2018.

However, York seems to be the anomaly with the number of pubs rising instead of declining.

The full story is available to read below:



12:26 – Weather report

York saw a cloudy start to the day this morning, but the skies are now starting to clear.

Tonight though we’ll be getting a number of showers, cooling the temperature down to around 7°C.

The weekend will unfortunately be grey and wet with highs of 10°C and lows of 6°C.

However, it’s expected to brighten up as we move into the following week.

12:01 – Heworth rugby team rejoins National Conference League

The National Conference League has accepted York’s Heworth rugby team after dropping out in 2015.

The decision was made following the local team’s success in topping the division one league in the last season.


11:51 – York station revamp

Senior Councillors have approved plans to transform the front of York railway station.

Queen’s Bridge is expected to be removed in favour of a safer road and cycle path.

Other plans include the addition of a new pedestrianised square, taxi lanes and more spaces added to the car park.

Over 1,500 people responded to the planned changes including York Civic Trust and bicycle companies.

Work is expected be complete by 2021.

10:44 – Budget deadline

York Council is inviting you to have your say on how they spend your money.

10:38 – Good morning!

I’m Emily Midwinter and I’ll be bringing you all the latest news and updates of the day.