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Intense response to Berwick Kaler’s retirement

It’s a week since Berwick Kaler announced his retirement.

He has been the dame of the York Christmas pantomimes for 40 years.

Three generations have grew up watching him on the stage, and now this old theatre idol is coming to his end.

As soon as the announce of the retire was made in the social media, the answers came aplenty.

“We’ve got our tickets. You’re an institution- York panto = Berwick Kaler. Enjoy your retirement” said Jeanette Layland, an user of Facebook.

The rest of the people’s reactions are along the same lines, in which the sadness of the end mix with the enjoyment in their memories.

But also many people understand the point.

Mandy from York said: “I think that in comes a time when he probably wants to go out on top.”

Mr Berwick has been one of the faces of the York Theatre Royal.

Many people come from different parts of the country to see the York pantomime, but for them that means as well “Berwick Kaler”.

And many of those define, in tourism websites such us TripAdvisor, like compulsory to watch the famous Christmas performance, highlighting always to its dame.

“We went for an evening performance just before Christmas. The theatre was full, mainly with adults who return year after year after year,” said Peter S, from Berlin.

And however, although one of the stars of York and the unquestionable symbol of the pantomime in the city, if not in the whole UK, is departing, several members of the York Theatre Royal already affirm that they do not expect to do nothing different to what they been doing each Christmas during the last 40 years.

Or the “same old rubbish”, as they called to biggest theatre tradition in the city.

It is clear that the age of the Grand Old Dame of York is coming to an end.

And independently of that they take this with sorrow or joy, of that they saw him one or thirty times and of that they were from York or from another city, it is clear as well that people is going to miss him.