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Anger over ‘illegal’ Uber drivers in York


‘Illegal’ drivers continuing to accept  jobs in and around York. Anger over the companies regulations that allow drivers to continue to work with out a licence.

At the beginning of 2018 Uber lost its appeal to renew their licence in York. Uber has found a way around the lost of licence in York by sending their driving in with licences from Bradford, Leeds and other cities from around the area.

Map of cities in which Uber drivers are coming in from to York .

After a series of complaints made to the York Council, the issue has been brought up in multiple council meetings. The topic was spoke about widely by Mike Palmer a resident and taxi driver at the council meeting:

“we are still seeing this company around York because they are telling their drivers to come here and work not just unsafely but illegally, every job they do in York is illegal.”

Without a licence Uber are not insured to work in York, meaning they are unsafe to be on the roads.

Black car
Uber car with a driver licence in Ryedale operating in York.

Local taxi firms in York all operate with licences from York council but are still losing jobs to Uber drivers this causes a lot of anger towards the company and its employees.     

Dave a taxi driver for streamline, a local taxi firm in York addressed his annoyance:

“Whatever work they do is work we would have been doing”

“I don’t think anyone’s actually lost their job over it”

“in York they don’t have a licence, so they shouldn’t be operating which means they aren’t insured so whenever you get in an Uber car they aren’t insured to drive”

white van
Local taxi company Streamline’s taxi operating around the city.

Uber drivers are still operating in York dispite the debate with the council.

Chris Woodall Uber Driver from York, Chris drives an Uber taxi in York but has a license from Ryedale:

“they had a lot of complaints, so they lost their license, but it went to appeal, you could come in and work in York but you couldn’t have a license from York council everybody who does an Uber here has a license from elsewhere.”

“Have to be licensed by York council to drive in York as a Uber driver its different you they’ve found a way around it where you can go into different cities. The thing is with Uber is it’s supposed to be convenient for you as a rider and us as the driver”

Unfortunately, its legal but they will argue with you that you’re an illegal driver and you’re doing things wrong, as we all know you can’t get away with that, it is legal they just don’t like the way it is”

Uber is a popular app which provides a service which you can book a taxi from your phone.  The app allows you rate your driver, the ratings are based on timing, route, professionalism and experience.

Uber drivers have a bad name for themselves as they work for them selves and not like a traditional taxi company. because of this people deem Uber drivers as ‘unsafe’ and ‘unreliable’.

In a poll a majority vote meant that people are more likely to use local taxi companies instead of Uber.

Sarah local York resident spoke about her opinion of uber:

“I’ve heard a lot of bad story’s about them, they seem quite unsafe. I know theyre not even meant to be in York they kind of just come from other cities.”

“They put other local taxi companies out of jobs and making them lose out of money potentially.”