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York’s rough sleeper count rises

York has one of the highest increase in rates of rough sleepers across the North. 

In York, between 2016 and 2017 numbers increased 46% from 18 to 29 according to the York City Council.

Manchester has had a 40% increase and Leeds 20% increase.


The council hope to reduce this number to 15 people by the end of this year.

York battles rough sleeper numbers

Last year fundraiser in York was launched to help raise funds for the homeless and people sleeping on the streets.

The text to give scheme offered residents a way to donate money without giving money to them directly. Last year the campaign only raised £469.

Colin Pearson from the M25 housing and shelter support center says “a lot of people don’t think that the rough sleepers aren’t genuine” and this may be a reason the campaign was not as successful as hoped.

“There are people who pretend to be homeless which gives people a bad view on rough sleepers because people don’t want to help people that aren’t lying,” Colin said.

The text to give scheme allows residents to donate money to people sleeping on the streets in a safer without giving it to them directly and being at risk of giving money to ‘professional’ beggars.

It did not cost the council any money to set up and the money raised was used to help in positive ways such as buying furniture for people moving off the streets.

Colin also suggested that if you don’t want to give any money that buying them food or a hot drink is a positive step in helping individuals living on the streets.

Where do the funds go?

This year the Two Ridings Community foundation has set up a scheme where funds will be donated to the Salvation Army, Changing Lives and Carecent in York.

Changing Lives say that they ‘believe that a safe and stable home is the foundation for building a better life.’

They offer accommodation services to keep people off the streets and help them transition from the street to a home where possible.

CareCent is a charity that offers breakfast too all homeless, unemployed and socially excluded members of society and provide a ‘friendly and non judgmental environment’ according to their website.

The staff are all volunteers and offer their support and advice.

CareCent arrange day trips to places like the Yorkshire Wildlife Park which would not be possible without your donations.

To donate text ‘YORK35 £5’ or any amount you would like to donate to 70070.