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Students suffer as rent in York inflates

As rental prices are going up, students fear they will   not be able to afford to live in their area of study as their student loans wont be able to cover it.

For students the maximum loan is currently around £8,500 per academic year, this sum as a whole has to cover all costs a student might face.

Chloe Harrison, 19 is a student in York. She said: “I think the rent increases is going to affect me next year as the rent for my house has gone up more than £10 a week.”

Sarah Burden, 20 said: “The rent prices are already quite high in York so if they’re going to go up anymore then I’d want my tuition [loan] to go up.”

According to the University of York, students will spend between £7,803 and £10,083 a year. compared to the maximum loan (which not all students are granted) this will not be enough.

It’s not just rent that has been affected.

House prices have risen over the years , the inflation of which has caused first time buyers to struggle when looking for properties to buy/rent.

Ben Waites Director of Charnock Bates estate agents said: “I think there is just an increasing uncertainty in the market at the moment because of Brexit so that is leading to a shortage of property coming into the market so that  is a climb in demand and increasing values as well.”

A plead to Council.

In the last five years York has been granted less than 6 % of the housing budget to build affordable houses.

Richard Clark, a retired housing professional spoke out to the council on 25 October with the aim to address the ongoing issues with the lack of affordable housing.

He said: “I’m dismayed at the level of complacency exhibited by the administration in the face of our housing realities.”