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Spreading Movember


Movember is running in November.

It focuses on preventing prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide.

During this month, men grow their mustaches in aid of prostate cancer.

This is an action launched from 2003, and for all men’s health.

The awareness is becoming bigger than bigger every year and it has been spreading among university students.

‘Everyone comes together’

Harry Jinks, a student at York St John University, is taking part in the Movember.

He said: “Now its starting to branch in to the more men’s mental health area and how men can be as affected as anyone but because they are men they don’t really talk about it as much as they should.”

Students’ Union president George Coombs said: “The Students’ Union this year is really taking the lead this Movember.”

He added: “What we have done is facilitate a site where everyone comes together from our the different sports teams and men there is a few here and there soon as myself who are trying to raise some money for putting on a bit on a tash. ”

Also the rate of men’s suicide is a big issue.

One research shows 75% of suicides in the UK is committed by men.

So, Movember have said that by 2030 they will have reduced the rate of male suicide by 25%.

You can donate it from website of Movember and many real event will be hold across the UK.