Local history: Yorks castle museum

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Its Local history awareness month and all this week we’ve been heading out to discover some of York’s historical locations.

This week, Adam Walsh visited York’s castle Museum, to discover more on one of York’s most famous outlaws- Dick Turpin.

Speaking to Dr Prior, they discussed the myth and legends surrounding the legend of Dick Turpin. One of the largest being his infamous ride from London to York on his horse, black bless. Stories such as these built up a legend of a dashing outlaw, of a man on the wrong side of the law who met his end at the gallows in York.

Dating as far back as the 18thcentury stories of criminals began to circulate on a wider base, similarly how they do today with the rise of true crime fiction, something that Dr Prior states merely cemented his infamy as one of the most well-known historical figures.


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