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Local history month in York

Yorkshire film archive manager Graham Relton is urging people to raid their lofts, basements and garages to find any hidden history as port of local history month.

With May being Local history month the Yorkshire film archive is trying to encourage people to take part in an attempt to raise awareness about local history. Graham stated that, “we have a simple remit to find, to preserve and to show moving image made in or about the region. We have about 50,000 films that we care for.”

York has a rich tapestry of history with the city walls, the minster and Clifford’s Tower and local history month is giving people the opportunity to get involved by either sharing anything they have to contribute or simply watching what other people have submitted.

“Local history month is a great idea to look in your lofts, garages and your sheds to see if there is any films hidden away. If you’re a contemporary film maker now we would love to be able to collect that stuff.”

This video compares what some of the historic sites in York looked like in 1970 compared to what they do now. From the footage you can see that not much has changed in terms of York’s aesthetics with many building’s remaining intact. York has always been a tourist destination with an iconic backdrop which is why the city still has a vast amount of history to offer.  “In terms of the landscape it’s pretty much stayed the same but what has changed is what we wear and what we drove around in.”

Finally, when asked about why the Yorkshire film archive is important Graham said, “It’s all about getting it out to audiences and what better month is there than local history month and looking at some of that great York material that we have”

If you want to find out more about local history month and York’s history particular you can visit the Yorkshire film archive and watch the Queen of English cities which was a promotional video for York during the 1970’s.