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Thought provoking exhibitions open at York Art Gallery

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu opened up 2 emotive exhibitions to the public on Friday 4th May until September 2nd.

‘The Sea Is The Limit’ exhibition explores issues surrounding disposition, migration, nationalism and borders through a range of immersive virtual reality, installations, drawings and videos.

11 International artists, who are impacted in some way by the themes of migration and refugees; collaborated on this exhibition to combine their experiences and present them in the most immersive forms. The artists’ work is intended to question the meaning of nationalism, free movement, inclusion and exclusion, reflecting on both the historical and contemporary narratives which shape identity and opinion.

One of the most effective examples of this is Vanessa Vosso’s thought provoking virtual reality film set underwater, which explores the emotions of migrants who venture out to cross the sea.

The personal film in the exhibition: ‘My Mother – the History of Iran’, by Shahram Entekhabi  brings together his mother’s story with observations that he feels compelled to pass on. He aims to deviate from the mainstream historiography, portraying history as an amenable and subjective concept.

Altindere’s Space Refugee virtual reality work, paired with a wall of a vibrant spacial painting, transports you to mars as a representation of a refuge for asylum seekers in outer space to combat negative stereotypes.

Artists who created the exhibition include: Nidhal Chamekh (Tunisia/France), Taus Makhacheva (Dagestan/Russia), Shahram Entekhabi (Iran/Germany), Brian Maguire (Ireland), Mohammed Sami (Iraq/UK), Vanessa Vozzo (Italy), Vladimir Miladinović (Serbia), Halil Altindere (Turkey), Varvara Shavrova (USSR/Ireland/UK), Nick Ellwood (UK) and Susan Stockwell (UK)

The other exhibition ’70 Years Of Giving Art’ is a compilation of selected artworks members of the Friends of York Art Gallery charity have chosen. The exhibition celebrates the Friends of York Art Gallery’s 70th anniversary, with members choosing their favourite works from the collection to go on display.

Since it was founded in 1948, the organisation has pledged more than £600,000 to purchasing and restoring artworks.

The exhibitions are on until September 2nd.


By Larissa Sofia Nath