Popular vegan hummus and pita bar ‘Humpit’ said to increase veganism in York

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The Yorkshire-based food business which recently opened in York has been hugely popular with non-vegan consumers as they produce good value hummus, pita and falafel dishes.

Humpit does not brand itself on being a vegan restaurant, however; all the food is vegan and caters for dairy intolerant people and religious restrictions such as Muslims.

In the UK the number of people identifying as vegan has increased by 350% compared to a decade ago according to the vegan society.

The York vegans believe York is one of the best places in the UK to be a vegan.

Leeds entrepreneur and Humpit creator Jonathon Phillips said: “We aim to appeal to everyone as we serve non-offensive food which everyone can eat whether its to do with veganism and cruelty of animals or religious requirements such as Muslim halal eaters.”

Will the business spread the hummus and pita trend to more locations…


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