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Discussing summer, sunshine and ice cream

Following the hottest early May bank holiday since records began, Yorkie reporters Ethan Storey and Adam Walsh went to the York Museum gardens.

They talked to residents and tourists about the people of York were spending their time in the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather out and about.

One person told Yorkie TV they had worked all day and now was “Ready to chill”, while another resident was on a quest to find “The best ice cream in York”.

It turns out that the toss up for the crown was between “Roberto the Italian Stallion” and “the Nice Cream Factory”. In the end Roberto’s ice cream stole the top spot for this York resident with incredible combinations of flavour.

Dozens of people were out enjoying the sun in the idyllic gardens, having picnics, enjoying food and cold drinks or just out for walks.

While today the weather is still warm, at around 17°C,  it doesn’t look like the heat and sunshine of the weekend will continue for much longer this week. The weather report on 9th of May’s Yorkie Today program shows that temperatures will dip slightly with more cloud and occasional showers through the week.