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Accio Harry Potter merch! York is obsessed with the boy wizard

Potterheads around York are rejoicing after a third Harry Potter-themed shop opens on the Shambles.

The Shop That Must Not Be Named was the first of the shops to open in May 2017, and specializes in all your Hogwarts must-haves, from house robes, to the wand that chooses the wizard, to a life-size Nimbus 2001 that the cunning Slytherins were all gifted with in the second film.

The Boy Wizard and The World of Wizardry opened soon after, stocking similar merchandise that would make any superfan drool.

The Shambles was the original inspiration for the iconic Diagon Alley film set.

Hufflepuff house are lucky to have gained our reporter, Mia Wilson. Good luck in your OWLs!



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