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Claudia Lawrence press conference: nine years on and still no answers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On Monday 19th of March, it was the ninth anniversary of the disappearance of York resident Claudia Lawrence, who was reported missing after not turning up for her shift at the University of York, where she worked as a chef.

Her father, Peter Lawrence and close friend, Jen King both gave statements to the press outside of Miss Lawrence’s home on Heworth road to mark the occasion.

Peter talked about the challenges of pushing through legislation in Parliament to aid people in his position and identified with the suffering of many others who are living without answers surrounding missing loved ones and their need for support through such legislation.

The retired solicitor has been working tirelessly since his daughter’s disappearance to help some of the “two-and-a-half thousand families” who are struggling with the challenges of being left behind when a loved one goes missing.

Jen King who has been close to the family for years called Peter “an absolute credit to his profession… [and] to his family”.

Claudia’s mother spoke to the York Press earlier this month and spoke about her despair since Claudia went missing nine years ago, and in an interview with the newspaper said that she has been existing in a “dark hole” since her daughter disappeared, but pledged never to give up the search.

While almost all of the leads on the case have been followed up, North Yorkshire Police are still inquiring after a piece of DNA evidence and expressed in a press release last week that they would not give up on Claudia either.

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