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What happened to Spring? Prepare for the Beast from the East 2.0


Winter is set to make a reappearance over the weekend as Britain was warned to prepare for more snow.

Forecasters are predicting a sharp frost as daytime temperatures struggle to get more than a couple of degrees above zero.

Snow could cause some disruption in some areas with drivers facing hazardous conditions. Two yellow warnings have been issued by the Met Office in York and North Yorkshire.

Friday evening will be particularly treacherous, with ice expected to form. Gritters will be out  treating roads but motorists are urged to always take caution.

Richard Leonard, Highways England Head of Road Safety, said: “Keep your distance and reduce your speed, because even in conditions that seem normal, and where the snow is not settling, it can be slippery if ice patches have formed, or where fresh grit has not been worked into the carriageway.

“Drivers should plan their journeys, monitor weather reports and pack a snow kit of blankets, food, water and a shovel.”

A level 3 ‘Cold Weather Alert’ has also been released by the Met Office, the gusty winds are likely to last until Monday. This prolonged cold weather could cause health risks to increase particularly for vulnerable people. Dr. Thomas Waite, a Consultant in Health Protection at Public Health England, said:

“The weather has felt much milder for the last week or so but this weekend it will get much colder again. And that may come as a shock to the system for some whose bodies may struggle to cope in cold weather.

“It’s worth remembering that cold temperatures – indoors and outdoors – can affect health, particularly in young children, older people and those with heart and lung conditions. So if you know someone in any of these groups, please keep an eye on them over the coming days make sure they’re heating their homes to at least 18C and keeping an eye on the weather forecast.”

Looking ahead, the risk of snow decreases by Monday but the cold weather will remain. Further into the week we start to see typical mid-March weather, a more milder outlook with temperatures reaching 9C by Thursday.