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Donald Trump moves US embassy

US President Donald Trump has been condemned for his controversial decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel.

His controversial statements move away from portraying the Holy City as one shared between Israelis and Palestinians, instead supporting Israeli dominance in the region, saying it was “nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.”

The US embassy to Israel will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem following this weeks announcement, shifting US political standing on the matter of the Israeli and Palestinian conflicts for the first time in several decades.

Mr Trump has claimed that he is “delivering” on earlier president’s promises of finding a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian problem, through these plans to move the US embassy.

As feared, this announcement resulted in unrest in the region, with strikes and clashes in the areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem between Palestinians and Israeli security forces.

Palestinian protestors have been defacing images of the US President, while extremist group Hamas has called for a day of violence, and for there to be an uprising against the “occupier”.

The Israeli response was swift, moving several battalions of troops to increase security in the affected areas and with warplanes striking out against the military installations of the group Hamas.

Israeli troops on the ground have made use of rubber bullets and live ammunition, injuring many Palestinian protestors.

Opposition politicians in Palestine have filed an official complaint to the UN Security Council, while the UK, France and Germany have said that they disagree with the Presidents decision.

Many of the US’s major allies have already condemned Donald Trump’s actions and the UN Security Council has called for an emergency meeting at the request of 8 of its members.

The meeting saw the US cut off from its allies as it tried to defend the actions of its President, which may have been in breech of a 1980 UN resolution on the status of Jerusalem, it was said in the meeting.