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There’s no room at the Inn.. or is there?

Picture this. A bar, crossed with fantasy combined with fabulous food and tasty drinks. Sound good? Well roll on 2019, as The Quest Inn is coming to a city near you.

York will be getting a new addition to the night time bar scene, with hopes of The Quest Inn being built in March 2019. If fantasy is something that takes your fancy or something you’re new to but want to explore more, The Quest Inn may just be the place for you. Combining fresh gastro style food, with expert mixology, The Quest Inn is expected to be a big hit, and with student discount on offer, it’s bound to go down a treat with students! Owner Elliot Howden Roberts said he’s had a long history of being fantasy fan and drew inspiration from this when planning the opening of The Quest Inn. But surely there must be a hundred other bars that do this sort of thing? Well Elliot is feeling pretty confident his will be go down a treat, he told us “Every place has their own draw and there’s a large number of people coming through this city for us all to share. The closest in style would be places like House of Trembling Madness and Valhalla Viking bar, but neither of those are as themed as we shall be nor do they cater to the tabletop roleplay community like us.”  With every good bar comes delicious food, but Elliot was keeping the food quite hush hush, leaving us all in suspense “All I can say at the moment is that it’ll be served up with a medieval presentation. But we deal in magic and fantasy so the flavours don’t need to be so medieval and will be a delightful surprise.” But there will be not only fantastic food on offer, but delicious drinks will be served. It is yet to be revealed what they will be but we’re excited to have a taste and drinking out of tankards will be a new experience!

The Quest Inn is targeted at those who are true fans of all things geeky and Elliot has accommodated for this “The area normally in use as the dining area will be offered up to roleplay groups to play their games in; with a setting that enhances their story telling”. This bar offers a fully immersive experience for those interested in the fantasy scene “A library of miniatures and terrain pieces will be available for roleplayers to enhance their gaming experience even more. It also won’t be limited to tabletop roleplayers, as the space will fit well with hosting Live Action Role-Play groups too.” It’s also fully wheelchair accessible, making it as inclusive as it can possibly be.

So where can we find The Quest Inn? Well, with the help of an Indiegogo campaign, Elliot is hoping to raise £50,000 to pair with private investments to be able to purchase Fiesta Latina which is situated on Clifford Street. There are a variety of perks when pledging which can range from appearing on the wall of fame, to being invited to the opening event. So far £2,181 has been raised by 65 backers and with 3 more days of the campaign left, donations are still coming in, the goal could be reached sooner rather than later.

With the buzz around The Quest Inn ongoing, the long-awaited arrival is so close we can almost taste the cocktails we’ll be sipping and the tasty food we’ll be gorging on. Keep your eyes peeled for The Quest Inn, expected to open March 2019 on Clifford Street located near Clifford’s Tower, in York.


By Grace Lansbury