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Quick-fix slimming pills can cause dangerous side effects

Obesity affects one in five adults in the UK, and is a significant cause of ill health. Buying quick fix slimming pills online could put your health at a serious risk, dieters are warned.

One third of dieters have tried slimming pills which were bought online, 63% of those reported side effects. Including, diarrhoea, bleeding, blurred vision and heart problems.

The Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) often seizes dodgy pills, last year they closed down over 5,000 websites selling medicines illegally. Also, since 2013 they have seized almost £4 million worth of weight-loss pills which were not suitable for consumption.

Body image is a constant worry for both men and women, so a quick fix will seem appealing at first glance. With the constant pressures from society, people are aiming for that desired physique. However, there are a number of ways to tackle this instead of putting strain on your health.

Strength and conditioning coach, Liam Waite, said: “Weight loss and image is popular in today’s society” “with the pressure from social media, it’s very much at the forefront.”

“I would definitely encourage people, if they did want to take something to help them lose weight, to talk to a professional. There’s definitely some substances – such as a black coffee or green tea, anything that’s a natural source of caffeine, that can help increase your metabolism.”

The sellers of these dodgy medicines are often unregulated, so if you do purchase them online, check if the seller is registered. The products are likely to contain ingredients that have been banned before due to their damaging side effects.

Sibutramine is a main ingredient which the MHRA have identified, a medicine which was withdrawn across Europe and the US in 2010. It is known that there is an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes with consumption of this ingredient.