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Fairytale of North Yorkshire – York singer aims for number one

By Brett Blacker

Anthony Dunnout has come out of nowhere with his Christmas single that has put him at 50-1 with the bookies to land that number spot in the charts. The Yorkshire born songwriter was relaxing at home with a few beers but woke up to discover his Christmas song was becoming an instant hit online.

The song takes inspiration from classic Christmas number 1’s produced by Slade, Wizzard and other memorable artists whilst the title of the song is a parody of the festive favourite “fairytale of New York”. Ant is giving even the biggest names in music a run for their money with his song falling just short of Justin Bieber, Little Mix and Ed Sheeran who’s latest song with Beyonce appears to be favourite for number 1

Yorkie Radio got an exclusive interview with Ant’s co producer to find out more about who Ant is and how he created this future hit song.

“Ant had been out of music for a long time so it was a quite a shock for him. Me and a few mates who helped him out we thought oh yeah this sounds really good, it sounds promising and its got a nice little story as well.”

“It’s already got 1,600 views which proves that people like it, it is a catchy tune.” However, he stated that “it’s only getting attention in Yorkshire at the moment. We need to spread the word and get the southerners on board.”

It is no secret that Ant has quite a quirky personality and the Father of two claimed he was struggling to create lyrics for the song until Santa Claus himself gave him a visit and inspired him to finish the catchy tune.

However, his co-producer is skeptical on Ant’s version of events. “He asked Santa to write him a number one and he’s probably got drunk and the next morning when he woke up he did have a really good Christmas song. There’s no wonder he doesn’t have a clue how it came about.”

The question will remain a mystery forever how the song was created and whether or not there was a collaboration with Father Christmas. However,  i’m sure Ant will have his children believing he was visited by him for years to come.