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Storm Caroline hits the UK

By Ethan Storey

The Met office has issued several weather warnings today as Storm Caroline continues its way into Britain this week. 70 Mph winds have been recorded in parts of Northern Scotland, and warnings for flying debris have been issued.

The strong Wind warning has been put into place between 6am and 11.55pm on Thursday, as Met office Meteorologist John West predicted “More broadly across Scotland there will be 60mph-70mph gusts, but in exposed areas we could see 90mph” and many have been left without power. Over 2,000 have been reported as without power earlier in the afternoon but have now since been reconnected.

Although at the current time, many of the more severe Weather patterns have been seen in the northern part of Scotland and Wales, with the Met office stating the Storm is well on its way across the entire Country. An Amber warning- the second most severe warning that can be issued- for areas North of Aberdeen but officials warn of dangers to the coastal region with waves up to 33ft have been recorded which present a danger to life, as some officials fear that debris will be thrown onto nearby roads and residential areas.

Scotland’s Transport minister has since spoken about those wishing to travel during the storm advising those who are to check with their transport operators before travelling as many train services have been suspended amid fears over the strong winds. He also advised to check with Traffic officials about where’s best to travel amid road closures.

Wintry showers including sleet and snow will become more widespread in the next 24 hours, with a weather already being issued for the Friday for snow and ice in preparation for the weather to come.

Temperatures in York are set to fall below freezing over the coming days as the city braces itself for the full force of the storm. Temperatures as low as -2 have been predicted for the city and forecasters say there is a 60% chance of snow fall from the late evening on Sunday