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Finally! Work has commenced on York’s new Community Stadium

By Brett Blacker

Work has started on the long awaited community stadium in which York City and York Knights will host their home games.  Plans to begin construction for the stadium were approved by council members in July 2017.  The council announced its commitment to building the stadium and leisure complex in 2008 but it took years for the plans to be finalised in terms of location and spending.

Construction was set to commence in 2015 but issues with funding due to detailed designs and construction inflation meant that constant delays kept pushing the completed date back. The council has invested £44.2 million into making the stadium with costs rising each time it gets delayed.

But, construction crews have finally moved in to Monks Gate where the complex will be built in an attempt to clear up all remaining debris so that building can commence before the year is out.

The stadium that will be the home to York’s respected football and rugby teams will seat 8,000 spectators that will consist of four stands. The leisure complex that will stand next to the stadium is set to have various sports facilities for public use. This will include a swimming pool, gym and indoor and outdoor climbing facilities.

On the site, there are also plans for a large commercial development to be built around the stadium. The development is set to consist of a cinema complex that will have multiple Imax screens, five new restaurants and three retail units.

There is also an arrangement to have a community hub where NHS outpatient services will be offered on site and a York against cancer retail unit will be opened to aid those struggling with the disease or assist those who need advice on helping family members with cancer.

If there are no more delays, The stadium, leisure complex and commercial development is meant to be finished in 2019. York City Football Club will then make the stadium their permanent home for the 2019/2020 season.