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64 kids face Homelessness at Christmas


By Ethan Storey

York’s housing crisis has left 64 children facing homelessness and living in temporary accommodation this Christmas. In a survey done by shelter, the homeless charity, has found York has the worst in the region, and overall there are 735 children currently facing homelessness this Christmas season.

The Chief executive of Shelter has said: “No child should have to spend Christmas without a home – let alone 128,000 children”

2017 has seen the highest level of homeless children and families for over a decade, with one in 111 children currently homeless and with the housing crisis increasing each year its thought this number will be also increasing.

City of York Council said their figures had shown they had 63 children in those temporary accommodation in 2016 and this had not changed in the following months. The head of Housing, Denis Southall, said: “In spite of the pressure of welfare reform and the shortage of affordable homes, the council continues to maintain its lowest ever level of households in temporary accommodation”

In an effort to expose the reality of this shelter carried out several interviews with those living in emergency Bed and Breakfast and hostels, both are widely considered the worst type of temporary accommodation. Many are given single rooms and have no direct access to kitchen facilities and almost half of families had to share toilet facilities with other households.

The MP for York Central, Rachel Maskell has condemned these findings stating: “No one should be homeless in Britain, the sixth wealthiest country in the world, in the 21st Century” in the past year over 61% of families had sought help from the charities services and due to this influx of demand, the charity has sought help by appealing to the public for support.

To support Shelter’s urgent Christmas appeal, please visit or text SHELTER to 70080