York wakes up to a sheet of ice on the first morning of December after the Shambles had a real sprinkling of snowfall yesterday…

Following yesterdays snowfall flurries across York, this morning many of us woke up to a mere sprinkling on rooftops; just enough to keep the city looking even more festive than usual.

Icy showers caught us this morning as most of the snow had turned to slush ice, so sensible shoes are imperative.

Wintry showers expected to ease along with the sharp wind this afternoon although northern cloud may bring more showers for some.

After dealing with various collisions following the arrival of the festive weather, North Yorkshire Police urge motor vehicles to take extra care especially driving on rural roads. The police also outline how to prepare your vehicle for the adversities.

Tonight, temperatures will gradually drop although it will be mainly dry and crisp in the skies with a chance of frost by dawn

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said:

“As the cold weather closes in, it’s extremely important to prepare your vehicle for driving in wintry conditions, and take extra care on the roads.”

The police suggest motorists should follow these simple steps to ensure a safe journey on the roads:

• Check brakes, lights, wiper blades, and oil and washer fluid levels
• Ensure tyres meet legal requirements – and preferably a tread depth of 3mm
• Carry water and de-icer in the car with you
• If you are going on a longer journey, bring food, hot drinks, blankets and a fully-charged mobile phone
• Always clear your windscreen properly of ice and snow before setting off

Prepare for icy wind and drizzles of rain across the weekend and maybe slippery underfoot for some so take caution walking and look out for elders on icy terrain.

The Met Office say snowiest winter of the twentieth century in the United Kingdom was 1947.  Between 22 January and 17 March snow fell every day somewhere in the country.

November 2017 has started to show signs of a white winter approaching, so take caution as the wintry weather hits York for the festive season.



By Larissa Nath



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