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Business drivers worst culprits for using mobiles whilst driving, but “message is getting through” says RAC

By Harry McCormack

A spokesman for the RAC has told The Yorkie that business drivers are the worst culprits for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Earlier this year, the penalty for using your mobile phone whilst driving doubled to six points.

The DVLA has revealed to the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act that 15,752 drivers received six points on their licence between  March and August.

Yorkie reporter Lucy Bond spoke to Pete Williams, RAC road safety spokesman: “The number of people that had been stopped and received a fine for using their phone had dropped by 11%  between March and May 2017 once the higher penalties were introduced.

“It looks like the message is getting through, although we have to balance it with the reduction of 27% in the number of road policing or traffic officers on our roads,” he added

As well as receiving six points drivers will also face a £200 fine. Also if drivers are caught using a mobile during the first two years of their licence, they will have their licence suspended.

Businessmen that use handheld devices have been caught on a similar level of using their phones as younger drivers, as they have admitted posting videos of them driving on social media platforms such as Snapchat. Older drivers have been known to not to use their phones as much.

The campaign #MyNewPhoneBox has been introduced to help promote drivers to leave their phones in their glove box, this is to help keep mobile phones out of sight whilst driving.

Brake ambassador and campaign spokesperson, Imogen Cauthery, who received life-threatening injuries at nine years of age in a car crash by a driver using a mobile phone said: “There is so much evidence around the dangers of mobile phone use and yet new penalties still aren’t tough enough.”

Police have stated that the new laws have had an instant impact on the number of drivers using their mobiles and believe it’s the right step to keeping the roads safer.