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‘Just a proper pub for proper pub people’-York’s smallest pub is now protected for its community

Fossgate’s Edwardian Blue Bell pub has been listed as an asset of community value and is now protected for the future by it’s loyal customers.

The pub opened in 1798 so it was a matter of public appreciation to ensure that the traditional interior will forever be perfectly preserved since it was last touched in 1907.

The Blue Bell licensee John Pybus told The York Press that the decision by City of York Council to list the premises as an asset was an extra safeguard for peace of mind, even though the tiny boozer, the smallest in the city, was not under immediate threat.

In January York CAMRA named it town pub of the season.

Our reporter Brett Blacker went to visit the local gem, to ask customers what they think about the preservation of the pub:

Our reporter Daniel Appleton spoke to the landlord of The Blue Bell, Jonny Pybus about the pub itself, here is what he said:

“Our claim to fame is that we are York smallest pub we have just two very small rooms separated by a central bar. All the varnish on the walls and fittings are 114 yrs old, its a grade 2 star listed building meaning we can’t alter anything inside or outside.”

“What spurred me on to make sure that we got the ACV, was from working in the pub I realised just how important this pub was to our local community.”

“It is here to serve the local people of York first and foremost and I have been reading in the news there has been an awful lot of pubs closing recently and a lot have been turned into supermarkets or accommodation so I really did not want The Blue Bell to go down that route. With the ACV we can ensure that the pub will remain a pub for the next few hundred years as well.”

It is clear the pub is dearly cherished by it’s customers as a cosy spot for a beverage, a place which does not accept large groups, swearing and play music; The Blue Bell is ‘Just a proper pub for proper pub people’…

By Larissa Nath.