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American burger chain Five Guys comes to York!

By Harry McCormack

American burger chain Five Guys have opened their latest store in Low Petergate, York. The company originated in Virginia, U.S in 1986 and has become one of the fastest growing chains in the United States throughout 2010-2011.

The chain currently have 81 stores opened or being opened in the UK and the one at the heart of York’s city center will provide a new place to dine for local residents. Promising to provide mouth-watering burgers and fries.

With the addition of the new store it allows UK residents to try popular soft drink flavors that are exclusive to America, such as: Dr. Pepper Cherry, Coke Orange Vanilla, Fanta Grape and much more, with unlimited refills via the drinks machine this allows customers to enjoy as much of these bizarre flavors as they please.

Customers are also welcome to choose up to 15 toppings on their burgers which adds a lot of variety to the burgers and invites customers to return and explore different combinations.

Despite being a fast food restaurant, there is also healthy alternatives for people who don’t want to consume as much calories, this includes items such as the: BLT and Veggie Sandwich.

The first UK store opened in Covent Garden in July 2013 and was the first store to be opened outside of North America, which opened just one day before fellow Covent Garden burger rivals Shake Shack, which is under 300m away from the store.

Market Force Information have released a statement following a survey that Five Guys has become the UK tops choice for fast-food, beating chicken-experts Nando’s and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

The company decided to open stores in the UK following a high demand for the famous burgers on social media and have certainly lived up to the reputation they had. Residents of York have expressed a lot of excitement as the store opens and there will defiantly be queues in the first few days.

Five Guys currently operate in 10 different countries and will be looking to expand that throughout the upcoming years.